The (sort of) amusing part about the A1c test

So, just like you feel just fine the morning that your doctor or dentist’s appointment finally rolls around, after days of being in pain… how about the phenomenon of blood sugars being fine for days, weeks even, and then of course, the night before the blood draw, you spike bigtime??

Also, since it’s a fasting blood test, I try to land on the slightly higher side since I won’t be able to eat if it goes low. (I know there’s debate about whether we really need to fast the morning of the test, but most doctors don’t seem to have gotten this memo.)

I haven’t ever fasted for an A1C test as far as I know because my appointments are almost always in the afternoons and my Dr.s only had me fast for other kinds of tests.

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I’ve sometimes fasted, sometimes not - depends on the time and what other tests I’m taking – never fasted specifically F0R the A1c…

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Since I don’t normally eat my first meal of the day until late morning or noon, I am often fasted for a morning lab draw.

Since the A1c is a picture of average BG levels over the preceding three months, the result is not going to be influenced by your spike the night before.

Same for me. My A1C is typically measured in office at endo visit, and with blood draw when primary orders yearly blood labs. The labs usually include other tests that require fasting. So the issue is what to do if slightly low before labs, and want to raise BG to drive to the lab!!