The Sound of Diabetes

I thought I’d share an experience from 1985 that changed my perspective on living with T1D. And it came from an unexpected source: My deaf girlfriend. The story is called, The Sound of Diabetes.


I really enjoyed that. As I age and things change I deal with them as the new normal. As a type 2 I’ve had to learn to live well as it progresses.

10 years of diet and exercise alone, added Metformin, Lantus, MDI and at 34 years a pump.

Lately cancer treatments have become the new normal.

Your story needs to be pinned, and Toni is a wise woman.


Wow! Just, wow! 40 years with T2, 36 years on insulin and 22 years on a pump, and this may have been the most impactful article I’ve ever read about diabetes. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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Wonderful thoughtful essay! Thanks for sharing

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I loved the story, Thank You!

Every new diabetic, every seasoned diabetic, and especially every Endocrinologist should read this article. Thank you for sharing.