The spoiled under 30 crowd

Yep, memorizing “times tables.” I thought life was going to be like The Jetsons, too! How cool it was going to be to just push buttons:) I’m still waiting!

How about kids who can’t make change unless the cash register tells them what it is. Black and white TV’s and the programs went off air around 12AM. The Milkman delivered milk. No 24 hour stores and stores were not open on Sundays.

Right you are about that one Amy! the day before Easter last year I decided to buy an entire Boston market meal for dinner. You know the whole huge chicken and all the sides an dessert for the family. That week I had been reading about how prosperity works and the theory of having so much you are able to give it away and in return you will get much more back.(you can’t assume that you are getting anything back, but to just be generous to all of those who ask, the main reason is it just feels so good to give freely. but dont give for the expectaion of getting anything in return). Well the week before Easter I put that process into action… Easter seals,JD at grocery store,some guy in Macies asked for donation for AIDS in 3rd world countries… never thought about it , just reached in pocket and gave, like I had more than enough to give away…
Ok back to the Boston Market… The girl taking my order was a bit cranky and a bit sharp with me… My order came to around 25.00 and then she pushed the wrong button and it totally messed up the register… I gave her a 20.00 and a 10.00… She knew my order was 25.00… She had to turn around and ask the guy behind her how much change I should get back… He looks up at the ceiling , I could see the workings going on in his brain… he comes up with 75 dollars change back!! The girls hands me back the 30 dollars I gave her and then pulls out 45 dollars out of the register!!!.. My heart jumped… but considered her attitude and shortness… I kept a straight face and walked away with 75 dollars and a free meal for the family, and walked away with no remorse at all.
On the way home I went to a high end grocery store in town and bought an entire three layer Carrot Cake for dessert… Will never forget my Moms eyes lighting up when she saw that huge cake… HAHAHA Carrot cake was her favorite. The rest of the money was spent on photographs for the church directory and my brother and I went in on an up graded package of photographs of the family, something that probably would not have happened if the error had not been made. A true blessing in disguise.

I wonder if anybody even figured it out at closing…bet corporate hat a fit! You have to wonder how many other times she has done the same thing. Let alone the other guy…and people think it is just the economy that is causing businesses to go under. Talk about stupid young employees! No offense intended to any young members of Tu… :slight_smile:

The problem with just ‘taking the money’ is that the cashier is responsible for it one way or another. A couple years ago I went to the local supermarket for their very good pre-Thanksgiving deal on turkeys… walked out paying less for the whole deal than the turkey should have cost. Finally took a good look at the receipt later that day: the cashier had returned the turkey rather than ringing it up. The cashier appeared to be a relatively young woman, probably working her way through school… and an error like that could have cost her her job. I’ve been in a similar situation of needing that low-paying, high-stress job, and would not want someone fired over a clerical error. I called up the supermarket, explained the situation; turns out the cashier normally worked refunds rather than check-out. The next day I went back to correct the error, and while the cash office would have come up short one day and over the next, it was more important to me to “make things right”.

Good for you, Tmana!

Cashiers & waiters usually have to pay for mistakes. They don’t get to keep any over-charges, but they’re responsible for having the correct amount at the end of the shift & making up any shortage.

Oh Craig, this is a great post. I’m sure this is bringing back more memories and laughs that are not being shared. Thank you! And to everyone posting the memories. Keep it up, please! “Red Rover, Red Rover, send the memories right over!”

The way I think about it was, I was helping thinning the heard on the kids who cant even use common sense.
If she did get fired, it was because she did not belong working in that type of job , not because I kept her mistake, if she cant figure out 25.00 from 30.00 = 5.00… She belongs working preparing food…not on the register.I did her and Boston Market a favor… And I cant wait to help someone else out… REAL SOON I HOPE!!

I suppose that’s one way to think about it.

She may have gotten fired & also had to repay the $75 you got. Management probably would have let her go eventually anyway. Can’t see how taking money knowing it was a mistake is a “blessing in disguise.”

We got to keep more of the pictures that Olan Mills took of the family… More pictures to have and to give away, that we would not have been able to afford otherwise… My mom died the day after Christmas…
It is not like I spent that money on myself really… I made other people happy with it as well as myself , with memories of my mom.
As far as the kid… well I know she got another job…I just don’t think it was in finance.(if she did get in trouble at all, who knows maybe she blamed it on the manager kid, hmmm a manager that can’t subtract 25 from 30… He is the one that really deserved to be fired)

We had a black and white tv when I was like 6 or 7… Well untill I had a brilliant idea when I was coloring… I could trace around the person with my crayon and they would be in color… I couldnt figure out how to get the people to stay still… So I took a bunch of crayons in my hand and just started coloring the 19 inch screen with my crayons! Once I finished , I showed my mom that we had a color tv now!! Oh wasn’t she proud of me! HAHAH Untill she got the wooden spoon out… DOH! Ever try and get wax off of glass? I tried and tried so I didn’t find out what would happen “when your father get’s home”…

The “color TV” thing reminds me of one of the cartoons they did on Romper Room some time after I outgrew the series. It was about the adventures of this bear-like character, and just at the point where he is in danger, you were supposed to put this clear film over the TV screen and use these special crayons to draw in whatever he needed to get to safety. I also remember the three-color-banded films that one could put over the TV, blue for the sky part and either red or green for the ground part, but they never looked quite right…

Other than that: Magilla Gorilla, Linus the Lion-Hearted (anyone else remember the Sunday morning Post-cereal-mascot cartoons?), Rocky & Bullwinkle, Fractured Fairy Tales, Tennessee Tuxedo, Sherman, Quick Draw McGraw and Babalooie, Snagglepuss, Huckleberry Hound, Barney Google, the original Mickey Mouse Club (I didn’t know they were reruns in '63 until they started them up again in the 1970’s!), the original Speed Racer, The Archies…

Microwaves…Do you remember Jiffy Pop Popcorn that you had to shake while on the stove…It was a big deal at my house!

“Jiffy Pop! Jiffy Pop – the magic treat
As much fun to make as it is to eat!”

We never used Jiffy Pop. We used Jolly Time in the cardboard can and popped it in the pressure cooker.

I remember Jiffy Pop… Our family did not get it very often though… Was too much of a novelty item… We used to get the pan out put some oil in it and dump the kernels in and shake the pot… I remember seeing that big aluminum foil rise up and thought it was so dang cool!!
Another thing we would only get occasionally were Pop Tarts… Our toaster would eat them, they would fall between the thing that lowers the toast and the wires where the elements were… My dad would get out the butter knife and go “fishing” for Pop Tarts in the toaster, getting bread crumbs all over the place while muttering that it was going to be the last time he bought them… Or until I begged really hard to get them again!! Tell ya what Even the toasters now a days have never resolved that issue… If you don’t put them in just right and balance them right on the lowing device they slip off and get stuck… Why I am still eating Pop Tarts… Well that is another story… :oP**

Yeah I will only eat the kind without frosting… Less carbs and I like them shoing a little color being toasted… If they get color the frosting burns.
I never liked any of that hot ceraeal like Maypo or ferina or even oatmeal… My brother would pour boiling water over shreded wheat and then pour the water off and add milk to soften the “hay”… lol I was so glad when Life cereal came out…Or even Frosted Mini Wheats were ok… Lotsa fiber for a little kid though… Shoot now they even have high fiber pop tarts… For some reason the industry dont think we “go” enough… Activia Yogurt and now they even have fiber in splenda… Nothing a little bit of Cod Liver Oil wouldn’t cure… Back in the day!! BLECHHH!!!

hey DON’T LAUGH cuz I still pour boining water on my shredded wheat, then drain it and add the milk, mmmmm = D Low fat Pop tarts tooo now. Altho I do eat Fiber One yogurt everyday as part of my quickie on the go breakfast. Anyone prob in the Philly area remember Sally Starr and the Cowtown Rodeo. Don’t know about her but it is still there.

We used to have MIKE BOGASLOWSKI!..

heheh consumer advocate guy on the New Haven TV channel back in the 70’s.

Surprised this guy is still alive!! Cant believe I found him on Youtube!! He used to get so fired up!!! That’s why he was so fun to watch!! HAHAHAHHA Loved how he screamed!!

I still use Jiffy Pop, on occasion, because there’s no pan to wash. It is very expensive. The cardboard ring on top catches on fire because I have a gas stove. ONly about 1/2 of the kernals pop. I Have beenb burned by the steam escaping the foil mushroom. How many more reasons do I have not to get this product? (It calls to me from the shelf…)
And I go far enough back to remember when the only snack chip was potato chips with the two wax paper bags in the big cardborad box. Then I went to a slumber party and her mom had driven to a larger town to get the new ruffled p. chips. Boy were they exotic.

LOL Yeah Danny and even the people next door could beat us if we got out of hand!!