The Spotlight

I’d realized that I’ve been busy the past months thinking in stuff that really don’t matter and I’ve been forgetting about myself and what I want to show to everyone around me. I’ve been through more highs recently in the past few months which tend to bring me down, know what I mean? But I finally found one thing that keeps my mind OFF all that stress, music!

I’m learning how to play guitar and it really makes me feel good! Takes me to a Parallel world I didn’t new I could find in reality! Everyone needs a parallel world, where all your dreams are a fact, where NOTHING or ANYONE can hold you back from doing what you love.

Today each one of us has a challenge a dream in mind, so don’t let anyone tell you, you are not good enough to get what you want when you know you’ve been working so hard to get it.

Many of us may feel like one in a million people wanting to stand up in the spotlight but the truth is that, you have to shine with your own light, we all have to make ourselves the spotlight for our own happiness.

PS: Leave me a comment saying what thing that you do takes you to a parallel world? what is your dream? How do you pretend to make it happen?