The start of a new beginning

My name is Kimberlee and I was 23 years. I am now 21 days old. How is that you ask? Well, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 21 days ago. I am taking this diagnosis as a new beginning for me. I am educating myself daily, in hopes that I will be benefit from it.

So, how am I doing as a baby Type 1? Well, I guess you could say that I am managing. I am trying to take it day by day and not worry about the future, but I am the type of person who MUST have a plan. Needless to say...diabetes doesn't exactly fit into my plan so I am having to make some revisions. The doctor appointments are really starting to annoy me. How is it when you leave the docotor's office you leave with an extra appointment or two? That seems to be my life for the past two months. Every test is followed up by another test. Will this end? If so, when? Like I said...I MUST have a plan!

The injections haven't been as bad as I thought, but I will say that I am so tired of giving them to myself. I dread breakfast, lunch, and dinner because I know there will be insulin involved. Did you know that when you are diagnosed with diabetes you are automatically assigned food and insulin police? Mine are always asking me, can you eat that? Did you take your insulin first? How many units did you take? Is that enough to cover your meal? BLAH BLAH BLAH! I'm sorry...but just go ahead and arrest me already.

Am I scared of diabetes? As a baby diabetic I think I would be lying to myself, and you if I said no. I will say though that it isn't the disease itself that I am scared of but rather the side effects. For instance, when I go to bed at night I ask myself, ok have I checked my sugar, will my blood sugar go to low in my sleep, what if it does, who will help me, where are my glucose tablets, should I test again. I am losing sleep over all of this, and lets face it people...I NEED my beauty rest!

All in all, I am doing ok. I guess the benefit of having diabetes is that I get to grow up AGAIN...oh and don't forget that cup of ice cream for the times that I am really low :)

Peace and Veggies!