The start

I guess almost everyone who has diabetes writes about how they found out. I was 15 and about to move away from the home that I had lived in all my life. As a teenager I thought that was enough drama but it was just the start. While on a trip to see my new home I started to feel sick like I had the flu. My parents would stop often a buy a coke or some lemon drops for me. Little did they know that they were making me sicker. When we got back from the trip I was still sick so we went to the doctor. They found nothing wrong with me and said it must be a flu. Right! As we were about to leave my Mom stops by the nurses desk and tells them that I have been peeing a lot. Man I was so wanted to run out of there. The nurses actually brought me back into the room and pricked my finger. From what I can remember someone asked me if my blood sugar usually ran high. I had no idea what they were even talking about when they mentioned blood sugar. Things progressed as they usually do and I was determined to be a diabetic, which is one of the worst and best things that has happened in my life.