The Story of La! (TSOL 1)

Hello to everyone else with a messed up pancreas and thanks for coming to read my blog. I guess I should begin with telling you a bit about myself. I am a happy pumped type one fourteen year old living in the United Kingdom in a small little place, you might not have heard of it, called London. I have been diabetic since I was eleven, almost twelve. I was diagnosed on New Years Day 2010 and my parents were told when I was admitted to hospital on that snowy day ( very dodgy for the ambulance) that I had such bad Diabetic KetoAcidosis that had I have been admitted half an hour later, I might have died. Spooky. Well I guess the best place for me to begin my story would e at the beginning however that is very unoriginal so I have decided that I should start when little La was only six.

Australia. One of the most beautiful places ever and where I would live if I could not live in the lovely little village of London. A six year old La had never been anywhere beyond The Channel Islands and Ireland before and she was mindboggled at the thought of spending over a month over in the other side of the world.

Now a six year old cannot remember babyhood therefore I could not remember having all those baby injections. I could, however, remember being four ( yes we shall go back that far) and having a polio vacination - if vacination is the right word for this which is simply some sort of substance that is administered orally, When asking mother whether the 'injections' would be like the polio one, she said it was like it but on my arm. The tiny La went into the doctor's surgery, rolled up her sleeve and did what her mother had told her (to close her eyes and hold her mother's hand) about ten seconds she heard screaming which she immediately recognised as the sound of her brother who was in the room next to La and La's mother.

Suddenly, La was scared and she opened her eyes and told her mother she was afraid of the injection only to find out that the injection was done and she hadn't felt a thing. It was only after the injection that La found out what an injection was and having this good experience made La feel strong and brave seeing as she was not afraid of what her big brother was. Since then, I have never been afraid on injections since. Awwh... Isn't ignorance bliss?

I love how you write!

La writes beautifully.

Both of you are too kind. I change my writing style each day due to my personality as do I change my handwriting. That day, I guess I was just having a rather nice day. Today, however, I am not so happy. I have a lot of Ancient Greek homework to do. Not fun.