The Sugar Solution: Book Review

The approach proposed in The Sugar Solution, by the editors of Prevention Magazine is comprehensive while not overwhelming the reader, taking you through a strategy that depends on better eating habits, an exercise routine and techniques to reduce stress.

The book brings the reader on board by proposing solutions that are manageable. For foods, they rely heavily on the Glycemic Index as the way to weigh meals as more or less appropriate to control your blood sugars. For exercising, they propose a scheme that doesn’t mean you need to live in the gym, suggesing exercises that fit any lifestyle. And for stress, the same happens, and they offer advice that can be incorporated even in the most hectic work days.

All three components dealt with in the book have been proven to affect blood sugar values, ultimately leading to complications including but not limited to diabetes. So, in offering The Sugar Solution, the book deals a strong blow to the fundamental causes underlying America’s current diabetes epidemic.