The things beer does to me!

It’s been a interesting last few days, not overly bad, just frustrating at times, amusing at others! I managed to gather my temper before I ripped into a innocent soul needlessly, not her fault! I realized that she was just making the best of a situation beyond her control at the medical clinic office. What stopped me? I glanced behind me, six more people who just realized that they’re in the same boat… Another day! Always another day to solve my concerns, concerns that seem trivial.

I sit relaxing on the porch this evening after a hard days work, chasing yellow jackets from my old beer as I’m being invaded by hordes of ants looking for my beer, grrr… What’s next! Anyway it’s got me thinking! Yep! That’s bad! Never think when mad! You think foolish things!

So what’s the point of this senseless triad? Simply, that diabetic souls are the most sought after individuals by everyone wanting to make a buck off us but never approached as a group, other than those trade information, suggest the latest medical treatments, drugs, experimental research (even if it kills a few - opps), whimsical diets and other trinkets to dazzle us, enticing us one by one singularly.

How much power do we collectively wield as a group?

Think about that thought for a moment!

Take your time to ponder the benefits and the pitfalls. What could the buying power of this group could offer an commercial entity, money is money! A discount card for services? Needles? Insulin? Insurance? The basics to allow one access to blood glucose strips (ones of your choice) at a reduced cost? Would it help you? How do we offer wield that power? Your diabetes associations of your respective countries, singularly or collectively?

My mind is rambling at the moment, not following any particular path, it’s the way I was taught in university, crack open a bottle of rum or whiskey, drink and think aloud with friends!

I need more beer! Beer is good for the soul!

Your turn!

Beer sometimes helps one think. I think you have a good idea. A group for people with diabetes sort of like AARP consisting only of diabetics, no trade group members, no medical types, no big pharma members. Just a group, a very large group of diabetic whose voice would be heard.

This needs more thought. There's beer in the fridge. The beer fairy must have run. I think I will join you and think about it.

Gary S

I like beer,
It makes me a jolly good fellow,
I like beer,
It helps me unwind
And sometimes it makes me feel mellow.
Whiskey's too rough,
Champagne costs too much,
And Vodka puts my mouth in gear.

I hope this refrain
Will help me explain
Exactly why.....

--- Tom T. Hall


Benjamin Franklin is often quoted as having said that "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." Unfortunately, I learned that this was not an accurate attribution. He actually meant this about wine.

So although I love beer and actually used to regularly brew my own, I have switched to red wine. I found that no matter what I did, drinking beer raised my blood sugar and the ones that didn't like Ultra were not worth drinking. Red wine on the other hand achieves a perfect balance, the alcohol drops my blood sugar and the residual sugar usually offsets the drop. I don't have to bolus for red wine.

If you can drink beer, then please enjoy it. I always did and on occaison will still have one, but I can't drink it like I could when I was young.

The ADA puts the cost at $218 billion last year (link) but a lot of the $$$ is sort of "hidden" by insurance companies in that many of us don't go "shopping" for supplies because we are tied to employer-based health plans and have to do their song and dance for every test strip, syringe, slug of insulin, etc. Since we're not buying direct, it would likely be very difficult to work out a "diabetes union" but you never know...

I love a good beer myself. Unfortunatley it messes with my BG so I have to drink the hard stuff. It doesn't seem to mess with me as bad.