The touch of an ANGEL

One fine Tuesday in March 1996,I visited my doctor because I was not able to shift an annoying cold,he examined me and said you look run down, for a minute i thought I was the coyote who tries to catch the road runner,he said give me your hand I thought I am already married doctor and to be honest you are not my type, he said this will not hurt and you know when someone tells you that pain is on it's way,he pricked my finger blood came oozing out and he tested it and said you have won first prize you are diabetic I think first prize was his way of making me laugh it did not,at that time I had not an inkling what diabetes was ok I had heard it on television now and then but I had not an inkling about it like that word inkling,he explained that I was feeling low and having funny spells to the high level of sugar in my blood,well something like that with good control diet and pills you should live a normal life let me tell him the past fourteen years have not be nothing like normal for me,give up smoking drinking and eat healthily and you will see me our another doctors attempt at a joke.

To this day I cannot remember driving to work or getting home that night to tell my Angel,when I did she said take your coat off drink this warm cup of tea and tell me all about it,but I think she already knew Angels know everything past present and future, we looked it up and read some horrible things about it amputations complications and the doctor sat there calmly making jokes did he really know what this thing can do you you if you let it.

In the past fourteen years I have met a lot of diabetes who have given me sound advice and understood their condition,if you are strong willed perhaps you can stick to a healthy diet exercise and get on top of it,strong willed not me it took a massive heart attack in six years ago to cure me of that addiction,never smoked since never wanted to I think my Angel cured me of that,for a moment I was gone so they tell me but here I am still waking up to my Angel every blessed morning.

So I have done diet/pills/insulin and now the wonder drug Victoza which I have forgotten to take being so engrossed my this blog,here goes one small prick for humanity one giant leap of faith,let's face it no one knows what this new drug is doing long term but at 63,with64 looming up the need to try any new drug is welcomed,I have alread said these 4 walls a prison make but perhaps the real prison is in your head diabetes has been here for ages, is it going to go quietly i do not think so,but every new discovery brings the possibility of freedom from this envasive beast a bit colse.