The Trip of a Lifetime

Some will read the title and think I am going to some far off exotic place. Nothing could be further from the truth but this is going to be the trip of a lifetime.

For the last 18 months the wife and I have been fighting to get our now 10 year old grandson out of foster care in Massachusetts and down here to Mississippi. Well tomorrow morning we will leave to drive up there and in Monday at approximately 11AM EDT we will take custody of Alex and bring him home.

As much as I am looking forward to seeing him on Monday and picking him up I think I am looking forward to that 3-day trip back even more. That little man is going to get to see sights that he has never seen before and we will get the chance to bond with him.

We are so excited!! Things have been reserved for the past couple of days since we have been notified. We have been told to "get ready" before. We talked to a friend last night who calmly told us that if our grandson has been told, which he has, then it is all over. They are not going to pull the rug out from under a 10 yo. You know...she is absolutely right.

But now we are in the, "let this sink in" mode. This is really going to happen...FINALLY.

So I will be away from Tu for a few days. I might be able to jump on a little in the evenings when we aren't driving but that depends on how tired I am.

I was also able to get a dialysis session scheduled in Boston on Tuesday before we drive back. So at least I don't have to miss three treatments only two (Saturday and Thursday).

It looks like God is watching over us and Alex. I even bought bubble gum cigars that say "It's a Boy"

For those that have been with us throughout this journey I want to say thanks. Your thoughts and prayers have sustained us through all of this. Please continue to think of us over the next week as we travel.

In closing I can think of no better line than those spoke by Scrooge in 'A Christmas Carol' (the Alistar Sim version, of coure), "I am as giddy as a school boy". Which is a good thing, because that is exactly what I am going to get.


Congrats; have a safe and enjoyable trip.

Congratulations Sparky! So so happy for you. Im sure you and Alex will have so much fun. Be safe and have a wonderful trip.

That is great news. I know that you have struggled to get this sorted out. This will open up a new chapter in your life. I hope you enjoy the drive. I like long drives, I listen to books on CD and I always try to stop at a Cracker Barrel.

Wow, that IS the trip of a lifetime. Have a great trip going to get your boy!

zoe, i have a question for you and dont know yet how to have a private chat. if you get this message, can you explain to me(if you are comfortable) how i can do this on line? OR if anyone gets this message and knows how to have a private chat room, i need the help. still very new to all of this.
thx. Daisy Mae

Congrats to all 3 of you! How wonderful to be rid of the struggle and opening a wonderful new chapter ;)