The Undiscovered Country

I’m convinced more than ever that all of us here are kindred at a very basic level, a physical level, in that our bodies operate differently than others. Yet what I see here is a community of very interesting, intelligent, artistic and talented people, who remain so despite our shared challenge. There is strength in our numbers.
Since being diagnosed in 4/05, I consider myself a traveler of sorts, to ‘THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY’, AKA The Future, so come along, I’ll see you there…

The Undiscovered Country - so well put Ken!

You do have a way with words, my sweet friend!

Very thoughtful. I have never thought of diabetes in such terms.

A master of well said, I applaud you. Well done. Off we go…

I’ll see you there but might be the one running past you. My things to do list is now my bucket list. I had a significant birthday and don’t want to lose time! lol

Beautifully said, Ken! You certainly have a way with words. So, TOGETHER WE ALL SHALL MEET THE FUTURE HEAD ON!