The ups and downs of diabetes

As I sit here at my computer, carefully eating a vanilla cream sandwhich cookie, as to not get crumbs on the keyboard, many thoughts come to my mind. Why did I choose this particular food to raise my rapidly falling blood sugar? After all, I have glucose tablets on hand. So, they tastse chalky and have a sweetness that’s like a “punch to the tongue”, they are used for their effectiveness, not their rating on one’s snacking scale. They are also fat free, low in calories and most importantly, fast acting. Well, although I am at a healthy weight for my height (5’2", 113 lbs.) and have no signs of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or high returns on my stock market investments, I should be aware enough to know that I won’t be invincible forever. The day that I “have” to watch my intake of unhealthy things, well it will be a rude awakening. So I’ve convinced myself to start small and gradually work my way up to obsessive nutrition label reader. See, right now it’s all about carbs, carbs, carbs. Even with that, if I feel like having 1/4 of a cup of M&M’s at 30 grams of carbohydrates in the serving, I simply take 2 units of Humulog and munch away, washing it down with a diet soda. No harm, no foul…right? Well, not exactly. As a baseline for my new eating regimine, I start with caloric intake. So, since my excercise wake up call most likely won’t come around for another few years, (Spring is here, the days are sunny and beautiful, and my reluctance to even go outside for a stroll prompted my sister to deem me a likeness to a movie character named “Powder”, for his pale, pasty skin from being a shut in.) In my defense, I’m not bald like him…um, I have hair. My point is that since I lead a sedentary lifesyle, my caloric intake, or fuel for my body, needn’t be very high. 1500 calories is sufficient. The next step is painfully analyzing where these calories come from, avoiding empty calories (such as twinkies, cookies, Doritos, M&M’s, ice cream, etc.), and making sure that the foods that make up these 1500 calories contain stuff like, I’ve heard of these and I don’t believe they are a myth, nutrients, and further more not fortified with nutrients - nuh uh. It is best that these foods naturally contain these nutrients. So Pop Tarts, although crammed tight with vitamins and such, are not the way to go. When venturing to the grocery store, make sure that you have done your homework and can breeze through the fruit and veggie isles knowing full well how to balance your shopping cart with the right amount of calories, carbs, vitamins and minerals. A plus right off the bat is that these foods contain natural fiber, so any irregular poop schedule you’ve had in the past will be a distant memory. I mentioned diet soda earlier in this article. Well another change I am transitioning to is gradually replacing that unhealthy carbonated beverage (for shame, two kinds of acids are wearing away my teeth and who knows what it’s doing to my insides!) to water. Which brings me to how a nice glass of water can be an effective alternative to an analgesic when you find yourself suffering from a headache. Which I am right now. I blame the cookie.

great perspective. very entertaining.