The wall

/vent on

I continue to have problems with infusion sets, now on the Sure-T type. I seem to get a lot of clogged cannulas/needles and I’m beginning to wonder if my body is actually going to allow me to use this damn thing. I’m constantly worrying about whether I’m getting what I am supposed to be getting. I guess this is the wall. I have to decide whether or not to continue with this, right now it is causing me more anxiety than the problems that got me started pumping in the first place. I know it will help, I know it can work, but whatever reason, I can’t seem to make it go right. I don’t know if I need a shoulder to cry on or a slap upside the head right now.

I think I put in a new needles 4 times since Thursday, might as well be taking shots at this point, esp with the injections I have to give myself to bring the 300’s down.

I’m frustrated, tired. Thanks for letting me vent.

/vent off

Now I just have to try and make a rational decision about pumping


Wow Scott I am sorry this just does not seem to be working for you. I would call your pump mfg and ask them to replace it or at least do a couple basal test and see if it’s working correctly. I wish you well
be loved

Hi Scott, sorry about your infusion sets problems. I found an alternative for you to try the Luer Lock infusion sets with a special reservoir that fits in the paradigm but lets you choose the type of sets you want that are not from Minimed. Here it is: Just a suggestion :wink: Hope things will get easier for you. Take care.

Hi Scott! Sorry to hear this. So frustrating!

Have you tried Silhouette as well? (sorry I can’t remember)

Hi all

Thanks for the tips, Sarah yours may be on the mark. I always develop a knot around a site that takes several days to go away, so we’re going to try a couple of things. First, a 30min square wave bolus and B) switch to Novalog from Humalog.

Kristin, I tried the Silhouettes first and it may that the knotting at the sites was causing enough “backpressure” to make them leak.

Wish me luck and everyone have a great Thanksgiving (here in the states), everyone ele, just have a good weekend!