The worst timing

I've been finding myself wanting to post about diabetes on my fb, but I don't have any diabetic friends so I'm coming to this site in hopes that a community of diabetics will actually understand my

So today is my birthday and I was high ALL day. I changed my set this morning, but I guess something went wrong. I felt like crap all day, but I couldn't leave work early because it's only my second week and I don't want to make a bad impression. Of course, i didn't have my desk set up with shots and extra infusion sets yet, rookie mistake :P

Anyway I hate to complain, but come on. Today of all days, right?! Is it just me or diabetes love to show it's ugly side on days like holidays and birthdays? Maybe it's because I tend to get a little bit more relaxed during those times...

Also, totally random, but I've been thinking about how amazing it would be to have a "camp" for adult diabetics. Like a resort for diabetics. Every meal is precounted, nurses come around to test your BG and deliver your insulin for you. So you can have a vacation from life AND from diabetes (because I know when I go on vacation to an unfamiliar country or place I have to work extra hard to keep my BG in check) Basically like being in the hospital, but without the being stuck in bed feeling really ill part. Just an idea if anyone is looking to start a business ;) I'd be your first customer!

There are several groups for pad's on Facebook. Message me and I'll point you the way.

You are always welcome to blog here and we would love to have your thoughts. My good friend Kathy is right there are many FB sites and some terrific twitter sites as well. Of course, I think this is the best one out there. It is a such a pleasure to have you with us.

As for Diabetes taking advantage of situations? Think of it as an unruly 2 year old who never grows up. Just when you want him to behave he acts up.

Happy Birthday Maria! ahh, one of those days, they come to keep me humble, I try to don't get discourage and insist in good numbers, but often (less than in the past:) do what they want, and is not so much complaining as trying to share a worry, isn't it? so share here, I learn with your sharing. Could your health insurange cover for a pump/CGM? they are a sort of "good mama" for me, lowering my worries.

Maria, I would be the second in line from you to sign up for an adult "diabetes management free" vacation. I actually have thought about this several times over the years. Just send in your diet preferences ahead of time and let someone else do the cooking and cleaning and BG checking as needed. Sounds like a plan to me!

Happy belated birthday. I'm sorry your blood sugar was high but actually birthdays can be a bit stressful. It is ok to just step back on your birthday and try to enjoy yourself and not have to worry about diabetes. I hope you had some opportunity to do that.

Re the "adult camp", I'd run across the Diabetes Unconference, in Las Vegas in March. I'm thinking it might be fun but I don't know how it will work out with spring break and all that just yet. It's not exactly the sort of thing you've conceived but Vegas is pretty fun!

I've heard Stuart mention having someone do your stuff for you but that idea makes me cringe. I sort of cringe when the nurse takes my pump to d/l it at the doctor's office. I think the last time someone else checked my BG was after I did a face plant on my bike and I'd already tested with both finger blood and, just to see if they matched, the blood off of my face.

As much as I'd like to hand-off my every-minute diabetes duties to someone else, I would also cringe about doing that. There's a part of me that knows that I'm the only person in the world that can manage my BGs well. I would be suspicious of anyone else's capability to competently take over.

I love the concept, however. To be free of that responsibility, even for a day, would be amazing! This is the hope I hold out for the artificial pancreas system.

I'm with AR and Terry on this. That sounds terrifying to me. But as AR said there are conferences for D so you can connect and learn. As someone who started a Type 1 Women's Group (with the backing of JDRF) I can attest to the value of being around others like us; that feels like a vacation to me. And when we have potlucks all the dishes have to have carb counts listed!

I looked at the "unconference" link, AR. It sounded interesting at first, but then I thought about all the meetings I've been to decide things and one hour sounds hopelessly inadequate for that. Then I saw it was both Type 1 and Type 2. That would make it much more difficult to achieve consensus on what to focus on with everyone feeling satisfied. Good idea, though, I'd be interested in hearing how it actually plays out!

The diabetes resort idea is intriguing. I'd add to your idea a gourmet restaurant/kitchen that specializes in low-carb, diabetic targeted dishes. Menus all have accurate carb/protein/fat quantity measures, and the chefs are trained to use precision in measuring ingredients while preparing dishes.

Activities directors that are PWDs themselves, with programs and activities tailored to diabetics, again with good information about approximate impact on BG; snacks included and built-in to the activity; other stuff like that.

What else, folks? I'm sure this Gestalt that is TuD can design a dream resort for PWDs. It might be worth ruminating on this as a group, then pointing Hilton, Mariott, Sandals, etc. to the thread. Who know what might happen? Certainly much more financially feasible for a current resort operator to pilot something like this at an existing resort with all the infrastructure already in place...

Livabetes Join the Revolution! :D

Thanks, AR! HUM, this Diabetes Unconference looks interesting. I think, for me, it's so beneficial to have other T1's as sounding boards, supporters, etc...I wish a bunch of TuD folks would get together and go to this...c'mon! I think I may just do it. :)

I’m going to the UnConference and very much looking forward to it. I think that most of the attendees will be Type 1, but I also know a few T2’s attending. Although T1 and T2 are very different, we are stronger when we can respect and support each other.

Murphy's Law and its amendment:

Everything that can go wrong will go wrong, at the worst possible time.

Happy Birthday and I hope you get to feeling better!

I like your attitude. Never let a good opportunity go to waste. I'm like you, I'm to independent to have someone else testing for me, but I would be happy to let them "borrow" my disease for a while, lol. Like a house sitter.

Wow thanks for all the great replies everyone!! I'm so glad to see I'm not alone on this and I'm also happy to see that you guys like my diabetes-cation idea haha. Although I have to say, reading your replies did make me wonder whether I would be so willing to give up all control and just let someone else take over. It might be worth it though.. haha well just a dream anyway. Livabetes!! I like that :)

Darn! I was going to be 2nd for adult D camp-- guess I’ll have to settle for 3rd! If you say the magic words “Happy Bday Maria” you get a discount and a large slice of no carb chocolate cake!