Their 3% Chances still doesn't give me peace of mind

My Children each have a 3% Chance of Developing Type 1 Down the road because my Husband does not have Diabetes on his side at all but even though I know that it still makes me want to get them tested I just feel like if I know I can put my fears to rest but at the same time I just want to let them be kids and live life no matter what and if they do become type 1 so be it but the thought is always in the back of my mind.

My daughter has T1D. Only one in the family. I get my son tested every year through TrialNet as he is at an elevated risk. There are some prevention trials if he tests positive for the T1D antibodies. It gives me peace of mind for a year!

Trailnet is one heck of a great trail. They are making amazing advancements and they have placed many minds at ease over the years. Here is a blog I wrote that might be helpful in understanding the process.

Thank you for the input I now have to get their Pediatrician to refer them to my endo I am hoping they can do it at the same time I go because the endo is 4 hrs away