There are a lot worse things to have


Day to day living with diabetes, I sometimes think poor me and think that diabetes is a slow cancer, and how much I hate having this disease.

Today after fasting and sitting in the waiting room for my yearly blood work for this disease and listening to a tiny child screaming bloody murder while he had some blood work, I read an article about Boomer Esiason’s son who has cystic fibrosis.

Wowsa there are a lot worse things to have and I walked away with my 24 hour urinalysis buckets, with a much better attitude.


You shouldn’t feel bad about feeling bad about yourself and diabetes. Diabetes is very serious and can be a real downer. A broken bone is worse than a paper cut, but that doesn’t mean a paper cut doesn’t hurt. It’s good that you realize you could be a lot worse off, just don’t think you don’t have a “right” to acknowledge your own situation.


yep, sometimes I hate that when people say that when I’ve been up all night with a sick child. But when Tony was in the PICU with diabetic ketoacidosis, a girl was wheeled by and the nurses said “oh no she’s back”-she had a heart transplant as a toddler and now that transplant is failing :frowning: Then a boy the same size as Tony was across from us and he was dying of heart failure. Sure puts life in perspective!



I agree heartily. Granted it would be better to have NO chronic condition, but if you have to have one, Diabetes is the one to have!

I have a dear friend with multiple sclerosis. Nothing she can choose eat to will will make any difference in the horrifying progression of the disease and there are no truly effective medications, just some extremely expensive drugs with dreadful side effects. Believe me, if just avoiding starch and sugar and sticking herself with painless needles a couple times a day could give her the kind of improvement it gives me, she’d be a very happy lady.