There coming to take me away. Ha Ha Hee Hee Ho Ho

Not to the funny farm but rather to the swamp. Mosquitoes are about to carry me away when I go for my evening walks.

Insect repellent does work to keep them at bay somewhat but the smell is awful. After my walk I smell like I have walked thru a chemical dump instead of down the country lane where I walk.

Any suggestion on a more pleasant smelling alternative to the harsh chemical smell of commercially available insect repellants.

Gary S

This old fashioned gal likes citronella :)

We have hardly had any near Chicago, I guess due to it not raining for 2 or 3 months? It's not practical for walks but I feel like if my BG is running lower, I'm less tasty for them?

Have you tried the clip-ons? They seem to work well for some people and not well for others, but worth a try?

I don't think these mosquitoes really care what one taste like, they are vicious. My son was walking with me the other day and was attacked. He looked like King Kong atop the Empire State building with mosquitoes bombarding him like a bunch of bi-planes.

Gary S

I think they're

That's right alien blood sucking vampires. Ha

It's funny but it use to be my wife that was tortured when we went walking but now it seems to be me. Some folks think that it is high BG that attracts them to us but it seems to be right opposite to me. When I was running constantly high they didn't seen to bother me but now that I have good control it appears that I am their meal of choice.

Gary S

My mother used to say they liked me because I was so sweet. Gee, thanks. I live in a low humidity place now so they're pretty minimal. I'm going to Florida for a few days on Friday so I may remember my childhood.

I think that to be an old wife's tail :). Please try Citronella ( and please report back ) !

I was only kidding about being so sweet...I've always been a bit on the sour I didn't know old wives had tails!! (Nel you have the cutest typos!)

Zoe, spell check would help in my case , agree ?? :) English second language ...oh , well ...cheerio .

I'm not keen on spraying myself with insecticide. You can make your own herbal repellent using a base of witch hazel in a spray bottle & adding essential oils--rosemary, mint, lemongrass & citronella. Depending on how much you make, you only need about 5-6 drops of each. I don't really count & just go by how strong it smells. You can also add a little olive oil to help it stay on skin longer. Never use essential oils directly on skin without diluting.

You'll smell great, but not to mosquitoes.

Just be careful and make sure you use something that works, smell or no smell... we've had an unusually high number of West Nile cases here this year. We've had lots of rain, which means more bugs....yuck

I have 2 suggestions.

If you come to one of our terrier trials, you'll see everyone with a big white bow on their hat or belt. Dryer sheets! For some reason they seem to keep the biting critters at bay.

We get a spray intended for horses made by Absorbine. Can't remember tthe name but it comes in a green bottle and is all essential oils. I use it on humans and dogs. It works even if diluted 1:1 with a carrier oil like almond oil.

I use Avon skin so soft spray. Seems to work for me. and Stemwinder, I remember that song LOL: "They're coming to take me away. hee hee Ha Ha Ho the funny farm,where life is beutiful ALL the time.. and I will be happy to see those young men in their clean white coats, when they are coming to take me away!!" I actually remrmber hearing it for the first time on one of the only national Am stations ,WOWO, out of Fort wayne Indiana, circa 1965, 66?.Who was the artist?

God Bless

Not something I recommend, but they don't like cigarette smoke.

"They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!" is a 1966 novelty record by Jerry Samuels, recorded under the name Napoleon XIV. Released on Warner Bros. Records, the song became an instant success in the United States, peaking at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 popular music singles chart on 13 August [1] and reaching #4 on the UK Singles Chart.

Careful Brunetta your showing your age. HaHa HeeHee HoHo

Gary S

Gary :No problem with aging!!! I will happily say that I am 57 years old and counting. Remember that era and that year so very well. I was 11, We were in Murfreesboro that summer, visiting relatives. We listened to WOWO on the front porch of the 70 year old family home on Academy street..... Yeah I have great childhood memories of Middle Tennesee!!!

God Bless,