There is always a first

Today is the first day that I am experiencing a cold since I have been diagnosed. It is a different feeling...usually my colds start with Migraines then for the next week I have all symptoms of a cold. Usually I can eat then sleep off my migraine and I'll be ok within an hour. Today my migraine lasted for several hours, it was the worst feeling. Of course I did not know what medications I could take because I have never had diabetes plus a cold so all day I have had to "tough it out." Unfortunately I had to miss class all day today which I normally do not do. I know I need to call my doctor but just didn't have energy to do it earlier. This is a different feeling and I know I am not the only one who has gone through this. This will be a learning experience for me. I have researched how to deal with "sick days" but never realized how difficult it could be actually going through it. My body has always been able to keep me from getting sick while studying hard then once I start to relax and school is over that is the time when I usually get sick, if I do. This year its different. But as a college student in her last semester I am still dedicated to school, work and taking care of my diabetes on top of having a cold. Just needed to put my thoughts down so I decided to write. Have a nice night! =)