These experts, they speak the truth

I've been re-reading Think Like a Pancreas. One of the "new" things that I came across was that Gary Scheiner says that hard effort exercise can show it's effect on your glucose levels much later, sometimes 12 or more hours later.

Yesterday I took some students indoor rock climbing, and I worked pretty hard. During the event my levels were a bit higher than usual... adrenaline, surges of glycogen, etc. Sore forearms and everything. Lots of fun and challenges.

Well, overnight my blood sugars were fine, but this AM I have been running low all day and have had to eat some candy twice to keep myself in the comfortable zone. My glucose has been under 90 all morning and dipping below 70 at times. No bolus at lunch. He described his experience with this almost exactly the way it has gone for me today. If I hadn't read that recently, I would have thought it was witchcraft.

I also had some Yerba Mate tea this morning? Hmmm. Maybe something to that theory too.

The more trained the later the effect to my knowledge.

Since November, I'd been lifting weights 2-3 times/ week, it was a mild winter and I usually lift on days I don't run so, with the weather, it's usually 2 days as I've tried to squeeze in runs on nice days. I had a 5K, a short race for me, planned last Saturday so I spent 2x weeks running intervals, 2 miles .1 mile fast, .1 mile slow, resulting in a faster clip than usual. At the same time, while I was pushing it, I didn't feel as blown out and lifted more, increasing weight on several exercises and hitting 3x sets more regularly too. It seemed to make the insulin work livlier and I was pleased with the fitness results in general (illusions of muscles,..ha ha!) and ran a PR on Saturday so it was a win-win-win, except it seems like dawn phenomenon has been turned up so I'm turning the PM basals back up a notch.

I have to agree with the comments...I recall doing a hike with my special friend Chris Jarvis ( Olympic Rower and about 15 others )last year ; the person , who had exercised the least ended up with a LOW about 30 minutes into the walk be aware

I get this in spades: postexercise late-onset (PEL) hypoglycemia.

In my case, it's a matter of my insulin resistance being "turned down" briefly and at unpredictable times 12 to 24 hours after strenuous exercise.

It's weird, huh?

I figured out that for me (not necessarily suggesting this to anyone else) it's better to try to do a consistent amount from day to day (e.g. a walk every morning, instead of no exercise for three or four days and then a huge hike.)

i have had the same thing happened to me. I went for a long bike ride and then I went out to run around 6 hours laters and all of the sudden started to feel dizzy. check my meter and I was at 52. And I am a type 2 diabetic on pills only. Some crazy stuff.

Yep. I used to tend to bottom out pretty badly on 6 hours MTB rides, but my Dex CGM is really helping catch the downward trends and I get carbs in before I am digging in the dirt down there (so to speak). That said, I still feel the effects of the exercise much, much later -- up to and including the next day.