These things are sent to test us

Going through one of those in a hole stop digging moments weight out of control taking more and more insulin very tired and really getting fed up, it is ok someone telling you to pull your socks up and get on with it but testing blood daily finding little or no improvement is heart breaking not that I have a full working heart after the last heart attack having no sugar that I know of same with salt trying hard to eat sensibly so what is going wrong since coming of Victoza my appetite has returned and the Innolet insulin seems to have made things worse I am trying to smash down a brick wall with a feather, these past months have been very hard to deal with family problems do not help one moment you have 2 sons the next one son the other is transgendering into a woman the first son has cut the family out of his life especially me and mom at times when you need a family hug both sons/daughter are doing what they can to destroy the family there is only so many branches on the olive tree to hold out soon the tree will die and wither mom bless her soul use to say these things are sent to test us well I have been tested and failed if it was not for my Angel no idea what I might do.

I feel with you...So understand what you are saying. Hang in there. Sometimes the stresses of life hit us harder than we know and affects our blood sugar control so much. It is so disheartening to try so hard and end up with less than satisfactory blood sugars to say the least.But don't stop.Keep on plugging.take another look at the things you are eating. You have cut back on salt and sugar, but look again. maybe some things have crept back into your diet that are not favourable to good control.You are a survivor...hey you survived a heart attack.Keep going on..