They say all good things come to an end

Heard it many times in my life all good things come to an end do they or do they just change addmitedly not always for the better, take the general election in 1997 the tories were in disaray much like labour today the whole country wanted a change the miners strikes the poll tax had torn the country in pieces so change was on the cards.

Yes I put my hands up I voted labour and rejoiced at the win not a win but a landslide, things had to get better and for a while it seemed they would,13 years later the country is getting over the worst economic slump in history millions have lost there jobs thousands have lost there jobs and the labour government seems to be on the same course as the conservatine government in 1997.

I do not think it is possible to bring about mountinous chage in 13 years you tinker with that you tinker with this but folks resist change like they resist getting the swine flu scarred and hold up in here homes, what has any of this to do with diabetis, perhaps nothing but I put mine on the side burner for years hoping it would go away of course it did not it just got worse ingnorence wish I could spell it, is a monster it lures you into false security then gobbles you up whole and spits you out.

For as long as I can remember I had never been right in myself and when the doctor told me in the early 90s you have diabetis my world fell apart if only someone had sat me down with a warm cuppa tea and told me so what so have millions of other people who cope with it daily and live an almost mormal life I could have saved myself years of worry and perhaps avoided a massive heart attack in 2004.

It was the same with smoking I had tried accupuncture patches hypnotherapy the lot when all I needed was a good kick in the backside to bring me to my senses, I use to go without food spend the money on fags and still pile on the weight and still be a grumpy old fart.

So change is a strange bedfellow it will cuddle you up telling you it is for the best knowing all the time it is only for its self interest it is bothered about,I cannto change he world yes I would like to wake up tommorrow and hunger diesease and war was a past memory but I know when I turn on the radio a child has been killed somewhere by it's parents a soldier has been killed by a roadside bomb or a family has been evicted because they cannto afford the morgage, yes I can hear you say turn off the radio and you will not hear these things but that's the point turning off the radio will not make it better only folks saying we have had enough will change anthing.

Hopefully my new drug victoza will help me with m diabetis but deep down I know the inner self is the only thing that will help me sort out my own problems, if you only do one thing today find a quite place clear your mind difficult I know but try and listen to your inner self it has all the answers not politicians drugs wishes and fingers crossed.