They Sent Me The Wrong CGM!

My CGM arrived yesterday, I was really anxious to hook up and get started. I opened the box and found a Minimed CGM and two boxes of sensors. It was supposed to be a Dexcom. I called Liberty and they said they had been told by my endo to send me the Minimed. I phoned my endo and they had given the OK for Minimed. I had asked for Dexcom. I did not open any of the boxes in the package. Liberty was very cooperative! They wanted me to call my endo and get the green light for Dexcom, which I did. They did not require that I have my endo’s office communicate with them. That surprised me! The endo is OK with my using Dexcom although her office has never heard of it (She forgot about our conversation in early Nov.). I am returning the Minimed package and I will get my Dexcom later. With all the mail delays at this time of year i will probably not get started on the Dex until after Christmas. I had hoped the Dex would help me through the holiday season. Maybe I should just feel lucky I amd getting a Dex, no matter how late I get started. Lol!

You are so lucky you can switch with no problems! I love my Dexcom!

You always have such a great attitude, Richard. It’s hard to expect something and then have to wait even more.

I’m surprised the doc made this error–that’s what taking notes is for when your a doctor managing many patients every day. I find it a little scary that the office had never heard of Dexcom–it’s been around long enough that any endo and her staff should know about it.

Here’s hoping it arrives quicly via Fedex!

Don, this endo’s office deals exclusively with Minimed. They do not recommend any other brand of pump or CGM. Their pump trainer does not know other pumps and can train only Minimed users. I have wondered if there is some kind of “pay-off” from Minimed for the cooperation they are getting??? They never say anything negative about other brands but they say they know very little or nothing about them.


What a disappointment! If you haven’t done this already you could visit the Dexcom website and download their user manuals and other product info. You could put your time to very good use.

If you can learn some of the info ahead of time then it will make your startup that much smoother. It takes time for new information to sink in so maybe this disappointment has a silver lining!

I love my Dex. I use the data management software and I’m watching my BG averages and standard deviation numbers continue to decline week over week. Good luck.

That is a great idea Terry, thanks. Iam pleased that things are going so well for you.

What a bummer to have to wait some more. Sort of reminds me of when a child is waiting for Christmas to come…seems like it would never get here. Here is hoping that Dexcom will be prompt with your order. Who knows?? Maybe you will get a early Christmas or New Year’s present. Best wishes to you.


Be patient. It’s worth the wait. Read the manuals while you wait and you’ll be already. If you’re already a pumper, you should have no problem mastering the technolgy. Good luck and let up know how it works for you.