They would have called if

After 3 months and seeing 4 different doctors that I will never go back to. I was able to get back to my ‘old’ primary care physician. I was so happy when his office called and said they just finished signing up to take my insurance and when would I like to make an appointment.

March 3rd. It was really nice to walk into an office and know what to expect. To know the doctor I was going to see would not think I was a total fruit loop when I told him what I thought and how I felt. I will re-phrase that to he would tell me when I was being a total fruit loop.

Anyway, the appt was good and my new ‘old’ doc confirmed (mostly) that the other docs were a little warped in the medications they were giving me to control my BG with no solid bloodwork and that my blood pressure was not a little high but off the charts (180 over something).

With the diabetes he took me off everything I was taking and convinced me to start over from the beginning with the metphormin. Sent me for the normal blood work panels, he didn’t blow me off about the c-peptide or GAD testing but was much more concerned with the BP because I have been short of breath and having a pain in my back. So, off to the radiologist immediately for chest xrays. And an appointment to come back on the 17th. He wanted to see me sooner but was going to be away this week.

So every morning I tell myself the PA would have called me if there was anything dreadfully wrong with my xray or my blood work, stop worrying and look forward to a good appt next week.

It works most of the time.

Glad to hear that you are getting good care now!!


update is I still love my doc. I also like his PA. I have been having issues with exhaustion and muscle pain. She had me come in early the next day for a blood draw and to remove me off of the metphormin. Moved onto Actos, which I begged she didn’t put me on because the side affects scare me. However, she is convincing, she wrote me an order for a c-peptide, which she didn’t want to do if I took the Actos for a month.

So, I am trying the Actos with Januvia now and will get the blood work done in 3 1/2 weeks before I go back

The BP has come back to normal, my A1C went from 10.1 to 6.8 in 3 months! But! she thinks that’s because I was having bad lows every morning with the Glipizide the other doc had me on and told me to be prepared for it to not be “real” next time. I still am running sorta high on a regular basis. Especially AM fastings being 120-140. But the rest of the day I seldom have been going over 150. We’ll see how the Actos does, I started it today.

Josephine, keep looking for a good doctor. It will happen some day!
I feel very blessed to be back with my doctor right now. However, it may all change, my work may end up closing it’s doors or laying me off soon. It’s hard for a restaurant to make it in this economy in a small town!