They'll be ups and downs and in betweens


Just when I was thinking positive, the upredictability of diabetes rears it's ugly head. I need to accept there are going to be days and weeks (if not months) like this - where you just muddle through. In addition to crazy blood sugar levels, I worry my son takes it personally when he can't control his blood sugar levels - there are just lots of times when it's out of his hands or head (calculating-wise). He does so amazingly great at how he cares for himself and his diabetes.

Things we learned recently:

1) prednisone messes with your blood sugar (consult your endo)

2) keep your name, address and phone number in your pouch with meter, test strips, etc... for when you leave it somewhere and they inadvertantly "give" it to someone else - how can that happen????

3) even when you think you are overly-prepared and an hour away from home, your insulin pump may surprise you with the beeping that you're out of insulin! and

4) when frustrations run high the Serenity Prayer can be helpful.

God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

the Courage to change the things I can,

and the Wisdom to know the difference.


This sounds a little cliche’, but I think if you have some bumps and bad times, it makes you cherish to good times even more.


Indeed there will be ups and downs - there will be moments of doubt and frustration and guilt - but what life doesn’t have those? Ours are just a different brand than most. :slight_smile:


19 and I’m hoping he’ll join me here at TuDiabetes - right, Dean? :slight_smile:


i think you’re a great mum to your son. he couldn’t ask for better, just as i couldn’t ask for a better mum than my own. thanks for those nifty tips. especially the one about the glucose meter. boy, i’d cry if i lose my precious meter one day. keep your chin up! :slight_smile: