Thick skinned

Considering how many times I have had to prick my skin to administer insulin bydurian and in the past victoza it is a wonder I do not leak like a siev when I have a drink and tring to find a virgin piece of skin to inject this stuff into is getting to be a problem does any one else have this problem bydurian is the worst ok I only have to inject it once a week but the needle is thick causing problems firstly getting it into my skin and most times resulting in lumps being left under the skin when I am done.
This is not a moan just a fact of life for me at the moment,insulin needle slips gently into my skin but the bydurian I need an help to inject being left handed does not hlep or even help but it has to be done and my Angel is always there to help it is 12.15 pm here on a bright snowy afternoon quite very quite since we had double glazing installed in November,ther was a time when you could hear children crying do it yourself folks drilling or hammering away but these days our house is as quit as a mouse nibbling on English cheddar cheese or a mars bar which I am told they like even more,speaking of cheese my daughter who is diabetec type 2 is having a crave for cheese any idea why answers on a postcard to the Shire.
We have had a delivery of post first post in 4 days that tells you how bad the snow has been 12 pieces of post all together so post persons managing to get around well done lads and lassies thanks a bunch,smudge sleeping after being sick check on her in a moment toes cold although I have thermal thich chunky socks on and my trusted slippers well friends have to love and leave you see you all soon twiddle