Thigh location for Omnipod?

We’re finally just trying out thigh location, getti good numbers first couple of pods, but having some highs today , I think it may be just from a febrile illness, she did have a headache and fever earlier today, but curious how many occlusions everyone is having in thigh location compared to other spots??

One thing I can share...pumping goes from best to worst when something goes wrong with a infusion just have to stay on your toes 24/7 it can happen anytime any location.

Yup it was a kink!!!

We use the thigh almost exclusively, but noticed I have been having day 3 problems which I think is because I have been overusing the sites (not letting adequate rest). The thigh is the only "real" piece of fat and have mostly had success. I'm just trying to figure out how to potty train him with it on his thigh!

Eeks!! Should be a good distance from the poo I hope!! Good luck! How is he doing otherwise?