Thigh Sites Dexcom

After reading that many of you like thigh sites for your Dexcom, I have tried it several times. In general I have accurate readings and the sites don’t hurt.

I do have a couple of problems with thigh sites and wonder if others experience the same problems. I definitely don’t get as good adhesion as I do on abdomen sites. I usually just put the Opsite Flexifix on at the beginning rather than waiting for the site to come loose. So that problem is easily solved.

The second issue is that I never get two weeks from thigh sites, although I almost always do with ab sites. I got 8 days from my most recent sensor.

The third and most worrisome issue is that I never notice knots/scar tissue on my abdomen, but every thigh site has ended with a lump at the insertion site. It feels like a pea in my tissue. They have all eventually resolved, but I certainly don’t want to end up with scar tissue.

I’m sure that all of my problems come from the fact that my slacks and shorts must rub and irritate the site. I rarely do infusion seats on my thighs because I tend to accidentally pull them out or they get irritated. But I love having my Dex there so I can use my tummy for infusion sets. I’m thin and definitely have real estate problems with all my infusion sets and sensors.

Any advice?

I'm a big fan of thigh sites. I get as close on either side to where my jeans seam runs without getting under it, about 1/2-3/4 up. Never had a lump, maybe it was a fluke? I also get really good readings from thigh sites, as well as side of chest sites.

I just started the 3rd week on my current site. It ain't pretty to look at but it's still well stuck with the flexifix. Hope it works better for you if you try it again!

I’ve never heard of alternative sites beside abdomen. Could you please Let me know other sites you have used and details of wear u
You wear it. Thanks

I use my upper arm. The most accurate readings.

I tried my thigh once. But pulled the sensor out the first time I pulled my pants down.

So, I never tried it again.

So, I rotate, left abdomen, right abdomen, right arm, left arm.

By the time I get back to the left abdomen, it is a couple of months passed the last time.

I haven’t used my arms and won’t use them in the summer. I think the sites are ugly and I’m not going to expose them to the world. Maybe next winter I’ll give my arms a try. I think about inserting a set on my arms and it just hurts to think about it. I’m quite thin and just don’t have a lot of pain-free areas for pump and Dexcom sites.

I’ve also used my love handle/upper butt areas, but the problem can sometimes be making sure that the transmitter and the receiver can keep communicating with the rceivere in my front pocket.