Things Are Changing

Thanks to this site I am a different person to the one that whimpered on to this site.

I am so confident now with the state health workers (doctors & nurses!). I used to have a small comfort zone and outside that I needed one of my daughters to speak or translate for me. Now I have no limits. I know my rights because this site empowered me, and my friends here supported me. I demanded and got a copy of my rights to health treatment from the local hospital. It took an hour of arguing that having it 2 meters up on a wall was not enough! I explained my rights under European law and so they took the poster down, and at my urging made one hundred copies in English. Sadly the Germans, Italians and French will have to find their own champion!

X-Rays and CAT Scans are no problem, but if I feel unsure, I phone the hospital and book a volunteer translator to ensure I don't miss anything! It works every time! The Health Authority now advertise for volunteer translators to work a rota system! I have been promised that all doctors will be informed they must wait if someone asks for a translator in future. I am watching this closely! It is every EU, Europeans right by law! Thanks for helping me make a difference Thanks Manny and co!
Love and Admiration. Albert.

PS. I my ankle/foot will be pinned permanently rigid this year. I am afraid of this, so those that believe in prayer, please pray for my courage!

My thoughts and prayers are with you, muleman. Best wishes to you and your wife. :)

Muleman- That is terrific news, that you feel empowered. We just like to see people like yourself be able to get what is due them without a hassle. I will certainly say a special prayer for your ankle/foot to heal properly. No more whimpering will be heard from you !!!!!

Hi muleman. So many good things are happening in your family, from your daughter's marriage to your own empowerment in managing your health. Since you're on a roll, I expect your ankle and foot will be truly improved. Good luck and best wishes to you and your family!

Way to go muleman! A little knowledge can go a long way. Just realizing what questions to ask and knowing when people are blowing smoke at you can make a big difference. Congratulations on your daughters marriage and good luck on the upcoming surgery.

Way to go muleman!!! So glad for u!!! I will pray for you too!

Whoopee! You've come a long way, baby ;) So glad you found us and educated yourself more; your health will appreciate it. Keep up the advocating, it's sorely needed everywhere. I'm proud of you and proud to be your friend.