Things are getting better~~~~kinda

Well its the second week of school and things are going pretty good so far. The school and the nurse are Awsome at imy son everything he needs… We had the 504 or was it 405 meeting? I cant remember right now which it is…lol and it went great! He finally had a low last week and I handled it just fine! yeah me! I was so scared waiting on that to happen I felt like I was always waiting for the next shoe to drop ya know? his lowest so far has been 40… its happened about 6 times so far. He is on Novolog and lantus he takes only 3 units of lantus and he is on 1 unit for every 30 carb. We are still in the honeymoon stage and now Im just waiting on the big boot to hit the floor when that ends!! so what does happen when the honeymoon fase ends?? how will I know its over??
I have gotten my self together now and am being the super Mom that I was ( football practice, cheerleading, church choir, schools, gymanstics. the Kaci cab…etc…) just things are diffirent now.
I have a million questions that only GOd can answer ~

I too have spent alot of time crying. The frustration of this disease is so intense. Sometimes I don’t feel strong enough - like I’m going to break! I have a two year old daughter, Olivia, who was dx on June 12, 2007 and she is also “honeymooning” - I also have the same questions as you and this site is a great place for support. I learn something new everyday and I know it is still only a small amount!

We aren’t doing school yet! But I can imagine how hard it is to send him. How long has your son been diagnosed? Life certainly changes and only God is giving me the strength to live through it all! You are in my prayers.