Things are looking up part 2

Well I had a bit of a set back yesterday, I had to remove all my bandages as i was getting what looks like a chemical burn from the glue. What a yucky mess! Skin came off with the bandages and i washed it as best I could then put polysporin on it for the entire day, by bed time i washed it all off and let it dry up. The incisions look ok so far so i am keeping my eyes on things and my fingers crossed that there will be no infection. Arrrgggghhhhhh! I always got a little skin irritaion from the glue on bandaids but never this bad…yikes!

I am really sensitive to tapes too, I feel for you! I’ve had skin come off with tape too, it ain’t pretty. I would keep applying an antibiotic cream. Can you leave the bandages off?

How are you feeling otherwise?

I am impossibly sensitive to adhesives - and nurses do not seem to get it! I have had several times when I get deep burns, even from the hypoallergenic stuff! I remember having my shoulder strapped and warning the physio that I cannot have the normal stuff, but she pooh poohed me and stuck it on anyway - resulting in deep burns which required dressing for two months daily!

Day 2 i removed all bandages and apply antibiotic cream, the day 3 i washed the cream off and let the air get to it, all scabs now, seems to be healing… I hope i dont have bad scars. Time will tell.