Things I Overheard at

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…Batman’s t-ball game last night. A lot of the kids know each other from various daycares, summer camps, swimming lessons, soccer, ect. Batman has two friends Ms. Blondie and Mr. Pollie. It’s pretty much widely known throughout the daycare that Batman and Ms. Blondie have been “going steady” for about 3 years now. Mr. Pollie is a nice boy but about as loud and rambunctious as you can get. Ms. Blondie got a hit with Mr. Pollie on 1st and Batman was playing 3rd.

The conversation at first:

Pollie - "Are yooouuuu and Batman still boooyyyyfriend and girrrrlfriend?"
Blondie - Gets super red, squats down to hug her knees and says…

SuFu, Ph.D.