Things we collect

Just wondering what people collect, if any.

I have a really bad habbit in collecting Glucose Meters. Yes!!! Glucose Meters even though I don’t need them. I see an ad on TV advertising for a free Glucose Meter and I’m at the website signing up for a new one. At the Expo, I came home with 7 new Glucose Meters, different brands.

My family thinks I’m nuts. I just tell them, everyone else collects something, why can’t I collect Glucose Monitors?

Are you talking things Diabetes related or things we collect like maybe hats or figurines?

I don’t see anything wrong with collecting glucose meters, as long as you aren’t using all of them at the same time :slight_smile:

do you have a favorite?

Diabetes related: used test strips, empty test strip vials

Otherwise: jazz music downloads/cds, fountain pens, cufflinks, memories

LOL: debts, dust, extra pounds around my middle

I’m becoming a meter collector myself. Free is fun. Nice to have them laying all over the place. Just need to remember the different tolerances on them all. My regular meter matches up with lab tests, all the other brands are off…

Non diabetic…XL dust bunnies. especially on the stairs!