Think GOD for me running out of gas!

I was almost out of gas so I stopped at the Love’s by my house. I went in payed for the gas, went to the bathroom, I walked out side… The next thing I know I am on the ground with 3 Oklahoma State Troops around me and I am getting a shot of glucagon by one of them and another one is check my BG… 29md/gL!!!

I just left the ER at Ft. Sill,OK I have 2 stitches in my forehead (when I fell I hit the gas pump and busted my head.) One of the troopers had diabetes and his son is also diabetic. Also they would have never thought about diabetes if they had not seen a window decal “MedicAlert” on the windshield then they pulled up my sleeve and found my medicalert. So after a glucagon, 2 tubes of glucose gel, and Orange Juice (all before the ambulance made it there.) I was 54 when the Ambulance got there I went to the ER and MP’s as well as the Troopers went to get my dad and now I am at home (I HAVE A HEADACHE!!!) and I am running around 215 and I want to stay like that until my doctor calls me back!

THE DOCTOR AT THE ER (IS A MILITARY DOCTOR) AGREES I NEED MY CGMS BACK (i did not even know I was low!!!) he put a call into Humana Tricare and so now the fight is back on!!!

Wow! I’m glad to hear that you are doing better. I know those “after lows” feel horrible. I hope you get that CGMS back. It sounds like you really do need it.
I always wear my medicalert braclet, but I think I need to get one of the window decals for my car.
I hope the CGMS gets approved!

Someone was looking out for you! I hope you when your fight and never have this experience again.

Wow! You are so lucky! (not about the stitches of course, but about the knowledgeable people). I’m pretty sure that if anything happened here at college, not many people would think to look for a med alert bracelet or in my purse for my glucagon kit and extra info. I inform as many people as I can but there is just not enough awareness. I’m glad you’re okay, and I don’t blame you for wanting to stay with your BG up. Stay safe!

My window decal is from medicalert. Call them and ask for it. I got mine free of charge. And it just says “Medicalert member please call for more information and it has the 800 number.”

the glucagon kit was not mine (even though I had one in my purse as well as my glove box and in my trunk) it was one of the Troopers. I am not starting to let my BG to slowly come down. Although my doctor has not returned my phone calls yet but I will be speaking with him about that during our next visit on Monday! Anyways that for reading

I’m glad you’re OK.