Thinking about Kindergarten


Aidan is going to be starting Kindergarten in the Fall, and I have to admit, I am starting to get kind of nervous. He goes to a great school -- very small, intimate, caring. They have always taken excellent care of him. But all-day Kindergarten is a new ball game, and counting carbs at lunch -- yikes!

The aide for his new teacher was promoted, and I don't know the details yet about a new aide. Hopefully there wil be one, and hopefully he/she will be as detail-oriented as the old one was (they had another T1 child last year -- a freind of our, using the same meter and pump as Aidan, so they are familar with both pieces of equipment).

Anyway....I'm sure I would be having these thoughts even without D. Your oldest starting this milestone, and leaving for all-day school is a big step, and I will miss my "llittle boy" a lot. I hope he makes the transition smoothly and likes school, REAL school. Diabetes just makes it (and everything else) more complicated.