Thinking about some ink

So the wife and I are heading out to Seattle to take a little time off of work and we thought that we would get some tattoos…we’ve been thinking about it forever, never really took the time to actually look into it. Now, it seems to be the time to jump off the bridge with the other lemmings. Does anyone with T1 have any ink or had any problems with the healing process?

Tim, i think there’s a bunch of fellow diabetics here that got tattoos… there was a thread before that talks bout tattoo and the healing process… try to browse that discussion…

I have been thinking also of getting one, but never got the chance…if you decided to get one, try to share how it go… Thanks…

Go and see the “Inked Diabetics” group here! Seems like many people, myself included, had no problems with healing.
I would be sure you have a reputable person do it and follow their instructions for aftercare.
And, remember that the color will last longer if you get it in a place that’s not exposed to the sun (seriously).

I got one maybe 12-13 years ago when I was not in good control, but had no problems healing.