Thinking of going veggie, but confused on where to start

I have found that I am getting tired of the meat and potatoes way of eating. I have however just gotten the hang of carb counting my meals with out using scales and measuring cups, and pretty accurately too. But I am wanting more out of my food, flavor texture and of course I want to “knock out the fat”, to quote George Foreman. Is there a good informative site or book for being a diabetic veggie that I can do the required research before jumping in, I want to make sure that I am getting all the required nutrients etc… plus I am worried that my protein intake will suffer a bit (not a fan of the powders)
Thanks in advance

I went veg when I was nine, and I’ve never used any books. But I will say that you can get a lot of protein from legumes, and my favorite is lentils. I like lentils and TSP chunks, and you can add vegetables and seasonings and make that into a soup if you want to, or if you just cook those it’s easy cooking.

A good source for vegan nutritional info is Dr. John MacDougall (
but he does not agree with the low carb approach. Victoria Boutenko (
is also very inspirational and her raw approach is complimentary to a diabetic lifestyle. Also check out
Gabriel Cousens ( who you can get more info on in the raw group.
Good luck with your explore. I eat much more diversely as a vegetarian than I ever did eating meat.


I second Cleo on Dr. McDougall; I think he’s awesome. I get his e-newsletter and visit his site and have learned a lot from him.

My main source of vegan diabetes information, though, is Dr. Barnard. ( I have been following Dr. Barnard’s program since January (diagnosed in December) and all my numbers (fasting glucose, a1c, blood pressure, cholesterol, weight) have majorly improved on his program and my favorite part is that I don’t count carbs or weigh or measure my food – I just eat. I can’t promise it works for everybody and it seems to take different amounts of time to show effects for different people, but personally I’m thrilled with what I’ve learned (for free!) from Dr. Barnard and how it has improved my life and health.

Hi Jason,
I made a pledge on New Year’s a few years ago not to eat any of my fellow mammals! It’s not full veg but you might find it an easier place to start. I still sometimes have free range chicken or fish but not red meat or pork. You can also get protein from nuts, peanut butter, Boca burgers, cheese, etc., without resorting to powders. There is a book called “The Gradual Vegetarian” that might be helpful for you. Good luck!

It’s actually a myth that vegetarians don’t get enough protein. I’d say look for good veggie cookbooks, cut out the red meat right away and substitute fish and fowl in instead, with only one meal a day with meat in it. Eventually you can cut out the fish and fowl as well and never miss it. (I am not a sudden change sort of person, so YMMV.) Being a diabetic vegetarian isn’t much different from being a diabetic, it’s just much more difficult to do extreme low carb diets. Learn to love your green leafy vegetables. :slight_smile:

Going veggie can mean not having to worry about extreme low carb diets any more. But it has to be modified veggie – for example, I don’t eat bread of any kind at all (other than crackers I make from flax seed and water.) My A1c plunged from the high 8s to the high 5s in just three months when I switched from a fairly standard whole-food vegan diet to a high-raw vegan diet. Of course, YMMV. But I don’t count carbs at all anymore and don’t take any meds for my type 2 diabetes any more. But my diet, much as I love it, is not one everyone could discipline themselves to stick to. I’ve heard others describe my diet as “very restricted” (though, to me, it seems wonderfully open and tasty.)

I’ve had similar success keeping my A1c low by eating a high raw/vegetarian diet. As a T1, it’s also nice to use quite a bit less insulin. I use 4U of Levemir, and usually about 15U of Novolog a day. If I start eating starchy carbs, those amounts can double. And it’s fun to go to raw restaurants.

Great place to start. Read Rip's fathers book. You'll find more on his website

This is a really old post so I'm not sure if you are still available, but I'd love to ask you a few questions about vegetarianism and diabetes for an article I'm writing, can you help?
Thanks in advance!

You from a German background? Lots of people in the central region of my state eat real 'meat and potatoes'. Bunch of German settlers there. Its not very tasty, but I think you'll be happiest from expanding your diet, rather than cutting meat out completely. I've been vegetarian for 28 years and it has resulted in me eating a lot more carb. If you go without meat, you might benefit from eating beans with every meal (although these can be high carb, they have some fiber, which decreases the amount of carbs you count), or veggie dogs (or other meat substitute), or chili, or soy milk, or texturized vegetable protein - you need some protein source that doesn't give you high cholesterol. Although, you don't need as much protein as people often think you do.

I pull recipes from from Julia Child (because they are simple and good). Also, lately, Readers Digests "Secrets of Better Cooking." You want a cook book with a 'vegetable' section.