Thinking of pumping again!

It’s been so long now (3+ years), I almost feel like it’s going to be like starting over.

I’m trying to decide what system I want to go with. I think I’m strongly leaning towards Animas since they’ll soon be integrated with Dexcom (and I do want to get a CGM), but I’m not sure if it’s the right system for me. I wish the Ping meter had the ability to suspend/change basal rates. Honestly if it could do that, I’d be completely sold on it and not even think about the rest. Just being able to bolus from the meter/remote is helpful, but limited. I suppose on the other hand, I really have to think about how often I’d be needing to suspend or change my basals at this point, considering that on Lantus I really can’t, unless I plan far ahead and take less the day before. I suppose it wouldn’t be too much trouble to pull out the pump to do that though.

I’ve pretty much ruled out OmniPod since even though I really loved the idea of the system, I found the sample pod SUPER bulky and uncomfortable (especially while sleeping - I didn’t make it through the first night with a pod on), plus the freestyle strips are a tier 3 Rx (which means $50/month instead of $10 for basically any other brand). Even with the discount card from Abbot (which only helps for 4 or 5 months?), it’s still a lot to commit to. I have heard rumors that they’re working on a lower profile pod as well as integrating the dexcom technology, which does make me think twice about eliminating the Omnipod system, but that doesn’t fix the test strip issue.

Then there’s Minimed. I have a 512 pump that’s broken and out of warranty. I loved it while I was on it, but eventually stopped pumping due to infusion set issues (couldn’t keep them stuck on, but I was nursing at the time and sweating a LOT - the only solution I really had was to stop pumping). I took a break for a while, only to try to get back on my pump and realize it’s not working right (it will fail with a button error 2-12 hours after powering on, clearing the error doesn’t do much good, it will occur again very quickly) and it’s out of warranty. Nice… so I just stayed on MDI. I don’t have anything particularly against minimed exactly… but I was on one of their CGMS’s before the realtime system came out, and inserting the sensor was difficult because it was so big (and by difficult, I mean it took like 3 people helping to even get the thing in, I’m not referring to pain) and it didn’t want to stay stuck to me for anything… it fell out before the end of day 3. So, knowing the actual sensors are still very similar now, it’s not something I’d really want to deal with by myself and I would like to be able to use a CGM as I am adjusting to pumping again (as my one brief stint was quite informative, even though it wasn’t in real time, it showed I was having a LOT of lows overnight I was completely oblivious to). I know that the dexcom sensors are smaller and easier to insert… which is why I’m leaning towards Animas.

Yes, the pump decision is a hard one.

Just as a thought, I very rarely suspend my basal rate. I only change it when I am exercising (but then I change anyway)… not sure how often other pumpers use this.

If I go low, I treat with carbs. If I’m high I bolus.

Good luck with your decision!!

I’m on the minimed 722 with the CGMS, started pumping about 8 mos ago after nearly 40 years of years of MDI (yea, old dogs and new tricks…). Can’t say I’d want to go back, my control is so much better now. I was able to get issues identified that I didn’t even know I had, such as insulin resistance, having 4 different basal rates, having some type of resistance to Humalog.

I also have trouble getting things to stick properly. I have to use the IV Prep wipes and even then I sometimes end up adding a hunk of tape, esp to the sensors.

The transmitter is bulky and I really have to keep the pump on the same side of my body, so I wish the it was a little more powerful. The sensors themselves are painful to insert, more so than the infusion sets imo

I have been using Omnipod for couple of months and have to say, I don’t mind bulky pod. It takes getting used to but I love the fact that there is no tubing involved. Last week I started CGM from Dexcom seven plus and feel I both systems will really help me get better sugar control.