Thinking of Switching to Pump

My schedule is absurd. It changes every month. The school I go to is accelerated. We get over 126 credit hours in a little less than 2 years while most 4 year schools only get about 120 credit hours. Anyway, my schedule this month includes classes from 5pm - 1am. We only get a couple short breaks. So, its really hard to try and balance eating and taking my medicine. I am considering going back to the pump. I think it will help with my crazy schedule especially when I start working all day and night on sets.

I talked to someone from Medtronic and he told me they have a pump that monitors your blood glucose. I was wondering if anyone has one like that. If you do, what are your thoughts? It seems everyone loves the pump. I had bad experiences with mine. It was a few years ago. Maybe it will be different. And my schedule is so crazy, it seems like it would make it easier to monitor my blood sugar and to take my insulin. I don’t know! I’m just getting kind of frustrated right now.

… cure… soon… please!!!

I have it…love it…it isn’t always accurate, but as t1’s, we are used to that :slight_smile:

I am getting the Minimed CGM/pump system this week and I’m excited. I’ve been on a Minimed pump for 8 years and LOVE it and it definitely saved my life when I was in college. I highly recommend it. So much freedom and flexibility and hey, no shots! Everybody wins!

thank you both. definitely think I’ll be getting one then

I have reached the 50 year mark with type 1. GET THE PUMP and enjoy the fun of it.