Thinking of switching to tubed pump from omnipod... feedback appreciated!

So June marks one year since we started on the Omnipod pump with my son, who will be 4 in May. It has been an up and down year for us- and that is an understatement. We have had great days where the pods perform (the way they should) and have good- consistant numbers, and we can not be happier about our choice. The we have the bad days- bad pods, where the bolusing doesnt seem to work, high numbers, requiring a pod change, and more stress than should be put on any child.

So I am begining to weigh my options- is tubeless worth the anxiety? I have been looking into other options, but am scared to start the battle without real opinions on if it will really make a difference- really be worth it.

I am looking mostly at the Medtroni Revel with CGM and MySentry. My son wears a dexcom now, and I cannot imagine not having the CGM. I like that the CGM is built into the Metronic and I really like the idea of MySentry.

I would love to hear likes and dislikes, and honest opinions of whether or not its worth switching...

Personally, while the whole tubeless thing is nice, I’ve just heard about too many issues with the Omnipod. I have the Revel and love it. I
I am very active and the tubing does not get in the way. I’ve known a few
Kids with tubed pumps and they do just fine. You can get used to anything, whether you’re a kid or adult!
The CGM with the Minimed is not as accurate as the Dexcom and you can use both if you want.
You may find that his “real estate” starts diminishing with all these sites. I’m a small woman and I have issues with this, so I can imagine most kids do too!!

I say give the Minimed a try. It’s a very reliable pump with lots of infusion set choices. In the years I’ve used Minimed pumps, I’ve had almost no issues.

Having no parenting experience--I will still say that I have never understood folks fear of the tubing. At least you know it is a plastic tube, not "wires" like many Omnipod people call it.
1. How aware and responsible is your child? That is, he will have to be alert to keeping the tubing inside his clothing so it won't catch on something and pull out the set. I am sure there are others his age who have a tubed pump but that was my first thought.
2. The advantages are many. Easy to disconnect the tubing at the skin site for a bath or even for just changing clothes. It is rare that the insertion gets pulled out but it is not a disaster if it happens. No pain. Just a minor aggravation in having to reinsert another tubing. But you can save and continue using the insulin in the reservoir, just changing the tubing, unlike with the Omnipod.
Meet with the reps and handle the pumps and supplies. Download the manual from each website to get more detailed info on usage.
Ask each rep if you can test out a pump for a week before deciding. Give it a few days to get comfortable with it (both of you) before evaluating it.

I sort of cheat since I wear belts and belay the tube around the loose end of belts. When I run, I have a belt too, and the setup's a bit different but it's pretty easy to tuck the tube away and not notice it.