Third Time's A...Pain!

I posted this to my blogspot page today, I had my third eye surgery, on my right eye, a couple of days ago; for diabetic retinopathy. There were some complications and it was so very painful, but i made it through without cussing or throwing things, so I guess I'm good.

The procedure started out as usual, getting my BP, pregnancy test, asking questions, signing forms. Then over to the staging area to get me in a bed and all hooked up to a BP monitor, IV, heart monitor, pulse ox, and those uncomfortable nose air things, and I asked and they agreed to put a rolled up towel under my left shoulder so I wouldn't be in pain from my frozen shoulder..

Finally the doctor came over and said hi and examined my eye one last time. He then told me what his final decision was for the surgery: A scleral buckle, vitrectomy, removal of oil, air fluid exchange, membrane peel, and an iris synchialysis. Then I was knocked out.

When I awoke I saw struggling to get up and the nurses where telling me to lay still. I told them my shoulder was hurting real bad and they gave me some pain meds. I calmed down and settled into a comfortable position and the surgery started.

First things first, the scleral buckle.They have to move your eye around alot for this part and you can see everything so I did get slightly dizzy and nauseous during this part because all I could see (and not control) was the room spinning. The cutting and trying to fit my eye was kind of painful. The doctor soon found that the size and type of band he was going to use was not going to fit, so he switched to a smaller nylon band/buckle and the procedure was soon done. Apparently I have a very small right eye. Go figure.

After the buckle they moved on to the vitrectomy, removal of oil, and the iris synchialtsis. For the iris thing, he was fixing a couple of adhesions in the front of my eye that had been causing my iris to be misshapen.

Next was the most time consuming and painful part of the surgery. Or maybe it just seemed to take forever because it was so painful. The part of my eye they had to get to to do the membrane peel was behind my retina. this means they had to go very deep into my eye and the deeper you go the more pain is involved. He had some trouble with finding a tool long enough to reach the scar tissue he needed to remove, but he got it and in turn my retina flattened out well. During this part of the procedure I was in so much pain they had to re-numb (nerve block) my eye and give me more IV pain meds. They gave me so much I went into a bit of a "trip", bu tit didn't last long and I was in pain throught the rest of the surgery.

Lastly they put the gas in my eye and sutured me up.

In the recovery room my BP spiked at 250/120 or so. That is extremely high and shows how much pain I had been in over the last four hours. I was given a heavy duty horse pill of a pain med with some water and crackers. They went over my home care and meds and set up a follow up appointment for the next morning.

On the way home, Lee had to pull over twice so I could puke. Once home I went straight to be, waking up every now and then to puke, sip water, and have Lee force pills down my throat. Finally I told him no more pills, they were just exacerbating the nausea, and I wasn't in much pain anyway.

The next morning I went to the doctor to have the patch removed and the eye examined. More complications, the nurse got the patch off and cleaned the outside of the eye, but it was so swollen she couldn't get it open to clean the inside, check my vision, or pressure.

The doctor came in and put in a retractor (ouch!) and the checked my vision and pressure and looked in the eye to make sure all was doing well. I have a small bit of bleeding in the front of my eye, but it should stop on its own.

"I am hopeful this procedure will do the trick, but no matter what, you have been through so much pain and suffering, I am not willing to do any more to this eye." More or less the words of Dr Hunter.

Yikes…I hope that does the trick and you don’t have to go through that again. Best wishes.

My heart goes out to you Tiki. The procedures sound dreadful.
Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I do hope that the
outcome is a success for you. Good Luck!

I keep looking at your pictures because I can't believe what you have been through. I hope your eye surgery is a success and the heart bypass too. How are you feeling? Thankfully you look young and strong. You are a survivor.

I am doing well, there is a lot of swelling right now but little pain other than a headache or two a day. I saw the doctor today and he says I am healing well and he is still hopeful that the proceedure will stick this time.

I'm thinking of you and hoping this procedure helps you. Sounds like you went thru Hell the day of the surgery. Hang in there & keep us posted on your progress and healing!! HUGS!!!