Do you drink more than other people? Even before you were diagnosed or when your sugars are well controlled?

I drink a heck of a lot. So much, in fact, that the diabetic father of an ex-boyfriend tested my glucose because he thought I was diabetic (this was 11 years before I was diagnosed - and my sugar levels were good). There have been times, when running high, that I’ve made myself some diabetic-friendly hot chocolate AND poured myself a glass of diet soda at the same time because I couldn’t wait long enough for the chocolate to cool so that I could drink it. Am I the only one who does this?

Hi Megan
I drink constantly no matter what my blood sugars are… I always have. My two type 1 kids are the same and two of my non diabetic kids do also. My husband does not and neither does one of my daughters. Could this be a family or personal trait? The rest of the diabetics in our family (in-laws and blood relation both) are equally split on this.

You will find that when your sugars are rising or falling is when you drink the most. People look at me strange because usually I carry at least one liter of something to drink with me at all times. I have a 64 oz cup that I use a lot and it gets refilled all the time. When I go out to eat I ask the waitress to bring me a pitcher not a glass of whatever I am drinking (diet coke or tea). I have drank 6 - 7 glasses of beverage at one sitting.