This Green and Pleasant Land

Even on a rainy day like today the Shire is still beautiful the smell of the county side with all it's nooks and crannies make living here so wonderful ok I live on a Council estate which is far rom ideal but the fresh smell of the outdoors is not far away, we came from the industrial heartland of the West Midlands fog smoke and a green ting if you stayed outside too long progress not at any cost todays World is rush rush get out of my way to be where I ask same on the roads everyone has to get in front of you often arriving at the same time as you, tempers are quickly lost manners and civility have gone out of the window some blame it on the influx of immigrants but I blame it on ourselves for letting standards drop the song goes This green and pleasant land well it ain't no more where I live every bit of woodland green open spaces are being turned into housing ok folks do have some where to live but if there were not so many of us perhaps we wouldn't need so many, at the same time thousands of houses go empty what is all that about I guess in time the UK will sink under the weight our hospitals are going under thousands of patients die due to poor care elderly struggle to meet energy bills while fat cat's get bonuses of millions of pounds a year sad to say this is my green and pleasant land these days, so it puts my diabetes in it's place low on Governments Agenda
PS blood sugar 9.6 not good not good at all