This is my spot


Lovely, Terry. Any particular part of Oregon?


Terry, I was born and raised spitting distance from this photo! Small world!

You mentioned “settling” in Oregon… By all means, please do! Then you and David and I and all the other Oregonians can get together and raise hell!


@David_dns and @rgcainmd, my daughter lives in Portland and my plan is to find some temporary housing nearby. Yes, it would be nice to get together.

I intend to qualify for legal domicile in Oregon. I need to live at an Oregon street address for six months before I assume “continuous traveler” status under Oregon law. I’ve lived before in Washington and Idaho so I’ve sort of geographically bookended Oregon for most of my adult life.


my is spot. it right out my window of my room. [URL=]



While I lived in Oregon I was always trying to figure out how to move to Washington to escape the hefty income taxes in Oregon… Vancouver is right across the river if that’s a consideration.


I was surprised at the number of issues one needs to consider when picking a state for legal domicile. There are some blurry legal aspects and I consulted with a domicile attorney. Who knew such a specialty existed? Every person’s situation is a little bit different. Oregon does have an aggressive income tax structure but it exempts Social Security income, a significant part of my annual income.

It also has no state sales tax, a benefit for anyone buying a large ticket item like an RV. I seriously considered South Dakota and Texas as neither of those states has an income tax either. There’s also the issue of actual time that you spend in the state, voting laws, and jury service to consider.

State revenue departments are clever about challenging situations where people declare a domicile but without convincing actions to back it up, lose their status and end up owing a whole bunch of back taxes and penalties.


Terry, my older daughter also lives in Portland! The coincidences just keep piling up!

Living in Oregon is so much more inherently cool than living in Washington. You can always travel across the river to take advantage of the no sales tax thing…


Hmm. The title IS “This is my spot”, so I guess a picture of the cat really doesn’t qualify. Okay, then, this is the view out my office window.


A photo with your cat(s) in it would still qualify as a “This is my spot” photo if your cat(s) accidentally photobombed your pic…


Yes, it is a small world! I hope we get a chance to meet in the real world.


Pictures of cute cats are like the wild card of the internet; you can post them anywhere!


And how would anyone know whether the particular spot your cat has chosen to be at the moment you take a pic isn’t actually your spot the rest of the time? :cat2:


@David_dns…Cats qualify as an answer to any question—sort of like bacon—or the number 44 (from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)…!


LOL. Actually the number was 42 (The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything). But the sentiment is right. Especially the part about bacon. :laughing:


i go to Oregon sometimes. to buy stuff. might be going there soon to buy Tires.


Ahhh–of course—I never could color between the lines, either. Maybe I just “extrapolated” to include an expanding universe—Hehe…



Chez moi