This is the Type I research I have been following closest recently

Fascinating stuff, and it does address the immune system attack on the beta cells:

Winter 2008 Fausman Labs update
Massachusetts General Hospital - Fausman

This is great information, thank you for sharing it!

I have a walk to raise money for this research every year. (My next one is next week.) I have so much hope in this research.

Great stuff! Thanks for sharing.

I registered to be considered for upcoming clinical trials. Information is here if anyone else wants to do that. They will likely be done in the Boston area, so it’s probably more feasible if you live around there or could easily travel to there.

When the first trials were about to start, I asked about participating, but you had to live in the Boston area for those. I usually don’t volunteer, but since the tuberculosis vaccine is already FDA approved and been around for decades…