This is why I hate this disease

I know some of my posts can be a downer, but…here goes again:

At lunch yesterday I had a cup of soup with some oyster crackers and bolused my usual 6.5 units, but I had never had this soup before, had rice in it, which I don’t do well with. Two hours later 200, grrrr. Corrected and was fine when I got home and the rest of the night and this a.m. were well…very good, bgs wise.

Before lunch today I was 88, decided to have a cup of soup again and oyster crackers, but this soup was basically broth and a few noodles, hmmmm, 88, but went high yesterday at lunch, but…no rice, I will try 6 units, omg 1 hour later got blurred vision in one eye and very dry eyes (my new sypmtom for a low, dry eyes), I tested and was (laughing now), 88 but could not read my computer or see what I was writing. I have gotten this visual thing a few times in the last few years and it takes about 1/2 hour to get rid of, so I pretended to work, and could still not see, so of course I kept eating until I could see, just because I was in a WTF mindset. I tested and could barely make out where to put the blood and I think I was 95, but still suffering. Finally I could see, felt like crapola and tested again, lovely 202. Felt nauseated and drained, bolused 1.7 units, got home at 176 and thought crap should of done the 2 units, went to cut the lawn, in a nice cool breeze and in less than 1/2 hour front and back lawn cut, but starting to sweat in the nice cool fall breeze, knew my yard time was over, :frowning: tested again and guess what I was the lovely 88 again, but knowing because of the sweating again, that I could move no more.

Moral of story, I hate this disease because:

–I cannot move when I want, because my bgs drops almost 100 points in 1/2 hour.

–No two days are alike.

–I feel nauseated and lose my vision when a normal person would not because they ate two different types of soups.

So for me if I don’t move and don’t eat, I am fine.

I know what you mean. Hang in there; we’ll have our “shining star” moment come along one day…
We just gotta keep trying. ugh. All the “famous phrases” in the world aint gonna fix it.
Just know, I’m with you!

Been there done that. And a lot of people just don’t understand. I get told all the time well if you would eat the right foods, well hell most of the time we don’t know how are bodies are going to react to food from day to day.