This isn't my first blog, but here goes

Back in July of 2005 I was sitting with my wife in an Italian restaurant here in Tampa. Before the waiter took our order I drank 6 glasses of water and 4 cokes. She told me that as soon as we got home she was checking my blood glucose level cause she didn’t like my symptoms. Well…she was right. My BG was 385 and I was diabetic. She hauled me into the Dr. the next day and he confirmed her diagnoses as Type 2. That was her first official diagnoses as a Nurse Practioner…even if she wasn’t acting under a Dr. at the time. We figured out that it had started about a year earlier so I had been diagnosed early. I have had an A1C as high as 9.3. The last one was 6.5 in March. I use diet, oral meds, Byetta, and Apidra to control my BG. My meter is the new Freestyle Flash Lite and the Medtronic Guardian Continuous Glucose Monitor.

Today is the 5th anniversary of having both my knees replaced. I’m so happy to be pain free. I still have mobility problems/complications that I use a power chair to do shopping and traveling. I hit the gym as often as I can and that helps my mobility as well as the diabetes.

I like to take photographs, travel, play with my computer, travel. and meet new friends where ever I go. Our next trip is to Washington, DC the 18th-22 of May. I have to visit a friend of mine on ‘The Wall’.
Peace, John P