This pest is pestering me!

How do I get rid of this PEST?

No, this is not about bugs, ants (they are bugs I believe.) mice or rats but I must say I much prefer the company of a rat over Miss Jones. This is not her real name but it will have to do!

What about Miss Jones? Well she is a member of our bridgeclub and..... here it comes folks, she likes to improve on my health. Let me say that she wants to make me perfectly healthy! Yes, how about that? Who could possibly object to that? I DO!

When she sees me coming in her eyes light up and she gets ready for the attack questions. Things like did you check your blood sugar before you came down? You play bad if you don't you know! Heck, I can play badly without testing my blood sugar. No, she is never my partner, thank God I'm not a single because she would soon drive me up the wall with her interest, Johanna is my partner in more than one way!. At coffee break she is right behind me watching what I put in my coffee.

The access to the cookies is blocked by her rather large behind. Let's say, she means well but goes about it driving me up and over the wall.

Yeah! At one time I gave her a webside to educate her self about diabetes. She became very upset about that because as she said she will never turn into a machine like those using a computer! No. she says, she knows all about diabetes because her sister who lives in the East, tells her about not using sugar in her tea, something that surely will give you diabetes. With other words, anyone having the misfortune telling her they have diabetes,will forever damn themselves for telling her! Anyone putting sugar in their tea, has had it...

You know in a club, you are supposed to be friendly like I'm the friendliness myself, so to pick a fight with her is out of the question, she offered to come to my home to tell me about her sister who has diabetes..... I said, I don't like talking about it because doing so will surely raise my blood sugar!

I asked Johanna to make poisenous cookies to give her, but she refused.

In short friends, who is going to rid me of this pest? You Brutus?

JB, that's me!

hehehe! Well, she’s quite the little helper, isn’t she? :slight_smile: Maybe she would like a pamphlet or a book, instead. Some people are deathly afraid of using computers – my mother being one of them, and she is almost 70. Maybe you can stroke her ego a little, and say “If you want to learn how to help me, and make sure I don’t get in trouble, you can read this pamphlet, or book… That way if I have a low, you’ll know what to do.” – Not that you will ever need her help, necessarily… but sometimes, that’s the only way you get rid of these people. OR… You could say “Thank you, my wife Johana has a very strict diet plan for me that we have already established, and she is aware of what I eat and she’s my helper, and I don’t need any more help, but thanks again.” (You know, it’s all crap, but hey… Maybe she’ll get the hint that you’re taken, and she doesn’t need to be such a busybody! lol) There was also a manners pamphlet, somewhere, to hand out to people… Maybe someone will share it. I can’t find it right now.

Tried to have " Petronella" talk to the lady bridge player ??

I like the poisoned cookie idea:) It’s a tough situation because you’re captive in that social setting. Find another bridge club?

No one wants to be someone’s pet project & receive unsolicited bad advice. What a busybody! Miss Jones needs another hobby. Know-it-alls don’t want to be educated.

How about a polite–it’s kind of you to want to help, but my doctor insists that I follow his rules only. I’d rather not discuss it. The “I’d rather not discuss it” has quickly shut up some people I know. Whatever they say, I repeat “I’d rather not discuss this.” It tends to stop the conversation dead in its tracks.

A woman in my husband’s dept wants to tell me about her father’s latest T2 med to help me. Doesn’t matter that I’ve told her I’m not T2 . To be rid of her suggestions, my husband told her that I’m sensitive about being diabetic (I’m not) & that it upsets me. She never brought it up again. Don’t know if it might help for Johanna to say something like this to Miss Jones.

Tell her you are cured.

No don’t do that.

I have a close friend who is a little like that, always checking up on me. At first I thought it was because she cared and wished me well, which is true. But its not the whole story.

I think she is scared. Scared of the consequences for me if I don’t pay attention. I think she is having a hard time with it, perhaps as hard or harder a time than I a having. Harder because at least I can do something, while her fear does not point to a clear action item. I can exercise, check my BG, throw some nickles in my diabetes war chest. Nothing she can do, except cut little articles for me and check up on me etc.

Funny JB but to me she sound’s like our beloved Diabetes Police. I really despise those ppl. My g-mother is one and she really gets me but I know I will be leaving in 2 hours and try to grin and bear it. All good thoughts to you JB!

This is why I quit playing duplicate. When I am the most sane looking person in the room, its time to leave! :slight_smile:

I laughed out loud at Jeff’s tell her you are cured idea. I have a few of these types (perhaps not quite as intense – they are more like the sugar police) and it is remarkable to me how people think this is appropriate. How about turning the table and exhibit concern over the possibity of her developing heart disese and start asking questions about diet and exercise out of “genuine concern.”

Let’s look at it as if she’s flirting with you.
Treat her by getting Johanna between you and this pest - EVERY TIME!
Work it out with Johanna to move in FRONT of you every time she comes around and has already started to talk.
There isn’t a woman on earth who wouldn’t get the message that she should back off.
And it will so confuse her that diabetes won’t even enter her mind.

I had my fill of laughter when I read this…more so from the replies! JB…I think I would go for…All of the above suggestions =) LOL On second thought…she must care for you to develop such interest on your health. Seriously though, have you talked to her about what’s on your mind? Maybe a gentle way of saying…thank you for the concern but I can manage pretty good… (So leave me alone!)

I had a coworker like that. I just raised my eyebrows and stared. It took several days for her to understand there was going to be no response so she moved on.

Thanks folks!