This time last year

I was on Nantucket (my first trip)

I ate granola bars for breakfast (a lifelong addiction to Nature Valley Oats and Honey)

Heaven was a Turkey Terrific sandwich on white Portuguese bread (I think there’s crack in it)

By day, I was drinking Nantucket Nectars (my favorite, plus when in Rome…)

By night, I was drinking Life is Good (a deceptively tasty blend of alcohol and Red Bull)

So I had to pee a lot, no big deal (probably a UTI)

I was fitting in my skinny jeans (so I must have been doing something right)

The only pill I took was ibuprofin (and very rarely, I didn’t like thinking my body wasn’t enough)

My life was a sweet as my blood (but I didn’t know it)

It was this time last year that my doctor looked down and shook his head (and I started to cry)

Melodramatic? Sure. But this is how I remember my own anniversary.