This Too Shall Pass

I cannot believe 10 days have passed since my last post. I've been trying to read and having trouble concentrating. Distractions are all around me. For one thing, I have not been feeling very well. I had some tests for dizziness that proved fruitless. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful nothing out of sorts was found however, I am a bit cranky from all the time & effort it has taken.

I'm tracking my blood pressure now and trying to incorporate recording it along with my daily blood glucose levels and food history. Alas, I have a rebel side to my personality that I lovingly refer to as 'Addiction Annie' (I identified and named her a couple of years ago when I was taking Martha Beck Life Coach Training. I created a clip art of her. However, the file was lost when the computer it was on crashed. I may have it backed up on a disk somewhere but Annie's photo is not the point of today's blog).

Annie is running around here making a fuss about all the record keeping I am working on. I get distracted and unfocused and have even forgotten to take a dose of medication here or there. Taking the medication later in the day throws everything off. I get frustrated, and that raises my sugar levels causing more exasperation. So I bought one of those pill boxes my mother used to have to keep track of her medication doses. Please! Have we come to that? The first day I started to use it, I took my morning doses directly from the prescription bottles but also put a morning dose in the box marked Friday a.m. By noontime, I could not remember if I'd taken the morning dose or not. Fortunately, my husband Vin witnessed me taking the pills with my breakfast. My question is, if I'm having trouble keeping track of a few pills a day now what will come of me when I get even older?

My little friend "Annie" runs around me, worrying and exclaiming the whole thing is useless, useless here me? You will never get this right! Let's just go back the way things were last year when we didn't pay attention to anything. It was so much easier then."

Over the weekend that just passed, I realized Annie needed my attention. Like a toddler who is having a tantrum needs firm guidance and a nap, Annie needed to be picked up, calmed, rocked and put to bed. Annie has calmed down. Thankfully, I am calmer too.

I’m hoping a little more R & R will help me feel like I am getting things back under control. A feeling of serenity peeked over my shoulder this evening and I found a few neat things on the web.

I came across a site owned by Health Coach and Natural Foods Personal Chef, Mindy Kannon

It is called Chew Your Rope - Mindy's site is worth the trip - happy reading.

I feel for you on the pills situation. I get mini wall calendar, and I mark each day when I take my pills, as I take them. So later, when I can’t remember worth a crap if I took them, I can look back. lol I also have to take birth control pills because I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Those pills come with day markers, and day stickers so you know exactly if you took your pill or not. Boy I wish ALL meds came in the same type of case as birth control pills. lol I dunno why they haven’t figured out that that type of case is useful for people, in general.